A ancient Taggiasca olive tree and me, in Crosa estate

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Cassini family (almost complete) 
Me with Mom Denise and Dad Giannino

Me with Mom Denise and Dad Giannino

Look at our Taggiasca olive trees

We are a small family firm. About ten acres of olive groves, 2000 Taggiasca olive trees, mostly ancient olive trees. The level of our plots of land vary from 150 to 550 metres above sea level.

The most ancient trees were planted by the Benedectine monks around the XIII century in order to ”sound out” the quality of the land.

The tallest of our plants have been cut down and pruned to adapt them as far as possible to the modern standards of cultivation.

The oil production is limited but of the highest quality. This being the main object of each year's harvest. The aim is to perfect every detail in order to always obtain a product that distinguishes itself and which has unique characteristics.