A ancient Taggiasca olive tree and me, in Crosa estate

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The mill 

The mill

Our firm is equiped with an up-to-date modern continous cycle system. It is made completely in stainless steel, and works in two stages, that is to say it extracts the oil without the need of water during the centrifugation. This enable us to obtain oils that are very fruity and fragrante, with a much higher level of polyphenols to the advantage of our health!

The caracteristic organoleptic features of this excellent Extra Virgin Oil from Taggiasca olives are brought out even more by this type of processing.
In Liguria only a few mills work in two stages and these therefore produce oils of a superior quality: the others extract oil by adding a large quantity of water.

After the extraction stage, with a specific plant, the processing residue (pomace) is separated from the olive stones, which are then used by biogas plants (biodigesters) for the production of energy; the olive stones will serve as fuel (4400 kcal/kg).