Let's be honest

As our trusted friend Maurizio Pescari says in the Golosario 2008, "Good oil is not a produce of the territory but man made". We genuine producers (very few of us remain in these parts) must safeguard our work and good name: years of sacrifice, passion and tradition must not be wiped out for ever. Certificates, brand, names do not guarantee a product of the highest quality.

The consumers must be wary and try to acquire a thorough knowledge about the only oil I recognise as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
To do this they must visit mills and olive groves, not be afraid to, ask questions or for guidance, personaly taste the product and do a little personal research on the matter. It will take a little of your time but will be worth it, before purchasing.
The producer should be known personaly: if he is honest, consciensos he may be left without oil by mid-May and sell no more of his product until the next harvest. If he is as we say, his olive groves will be cultivated and pruned duly; in a workmanlike manner (something which is carried out less and less) and will always welcome visitors.

Be wary, be wary....
In Liguria, but not only, it is very expensive to produce a high quality oil: pruning, fertilizing, general maintanance of the land, watering, harvesting, running of the mill etc., are all jobs which take up time and energy as they are nearly always done manually without the help of mechanical means.
It is therefore impossible to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few euros, when the cost of cultivation and trasformation of the product can rise to as much as 10 euros a litre. You can draw your own conclusions...

On my web-site you can see my mill and my firm, that you are welcome to visit us at any time.
Hope to see you soon!

Cassini Paolo

A ancient Taggiasca olive tree and me, in Crosa estate